If this is your first introduction to our brand, you probably think we’re just another one of those killer lines of cutting edge communications products.  And while it’s easy to understand why, all it takes is a few hours of Slide ownership to understand why we prefer to view ourselves as more of a tool company. As in…

…Tools that let you communicate easily and intuitively.

…Tools that make it easy to stream, share and stay on top of life…no matter where in the world it takes you

And most important, tools that understand the premium you put on value, as long as it’s not at the expense of the performance you need to make it through your day hassle-free.  Welcome to Slide, Intelligent tools for today’s insane times.


Unlocked, because our only commitment is to you.

Let’s face it, if you are looking for commitment in life, it has nothing to do with technology. At Slide we understand this. That’s why our Smartphones are engineered to work where you need them to, when you need them to. From dual SIM units that open an entire “world” of GSM possibilities, to dazzlingly crisp displays and strikingly slim silhouettes,  Slide Smartphones are the “tools” you need to unlock the life you want.

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Smarter Smart Watches Actually Worth Wearing

Because we’re a technology/communications brand and not a jewelry company, our Smartwatches share some rather impressive DNA with our equally impressive smartphones and tablets. More than working and playing well with both iOS and Android devices, our Smartwatches also feature health and fitness related functions to help you track your work…and play time.

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100% Smarts, Simplicity & Style Meets 0% Sacrifice 

If you’re ready for feature & flip phones that deliver simplicity, without making you feel decades behind, prepare to flip over our Feature & Flip Phones collections. Regardless if you prefer the classic lines of our feature phones or the high performance, higher-end exteriors of our flip phones, you’ll enjoy cutting edge ergonomics, crystal clear screens, extended battery life, dual SIM capabilities, camera, Bluetooth and more. In short, a state of the art communications experience that needs no experience to enjoy.

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Tools Engineered For Your World

 No matter if you’re looking to enter the world of two-screen TV enjoyment or looking for a cost effective way to take the strain off your smartphone…and eyes, our full line of Android and Windows tablets/mobile devices are ready for you. Designed with everything you need…and will need, including brilliantly responsive displays, intelligently efficient processors and easily upgradable storage, they’re the tablets to take for headache-free performance

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Productivity, Performance And Value That Go Beyond The Surface

If you’re looking for the kind of productivity tools that prove performance and value can co-exist, stop looking and get behind a Slide Laptop. From keyboards that are ergonomically engineered for maximum comfort (regardless if you touch type or hunt and peck), to displays actually designed with real Windows 10 users in mind,  our laptops have yet to meet an expectation they couldn’t exceed.

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